Center for Lifelong Learning at Austin Seminary

Courses and resources to help equip you for your physical context or spiritual season

About The Center for Lifelong Learning...

“First, we learn to read, and then we read to learn.” This principle allies to the Christian life as well. Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, or simply a curious person, the opportunities to learn and apply our faith are endless. Journey with us as we discover the joys of Lifelong Learning!

… at Austin Seminary

What does living the faith look like? How can we engage the world as it is and as it is becoming? As the answers—and questions—shift, one thing remains clear: the world needs adaptable, imaginative Christian leaders to help heal our fractured communities and lead faith into the future. Whatever your call, there’s no better place to acquire a solid foundation for Christian ministry—from a Certificate in Ministry to an MDiv to a DMin and beyond.